Hometown Fanatics

When my daughter insisted I watch Stacey Dooley’s Hometown Fanatics –

I acquiesced. A decision I instantly regretted and not even two minutes into the programme, I hit pause and fled. I was disturbed by the footage of extremists from both sides of the spectrum and only returned to the programme after two (large) chunks of chocolate.

This is what I was left with – strip away the outer layers, the bold –t-shirts emblazoned with infidel or the burkas and beards – and you’re left with the same ugly versions of humanity. Fuelled by ignorance and hatred.
I grew up during Apartheid - ignorance and hatred was the norm, a person was seen as inferior because of ethnicity, so I know how inequality feels. Which is why I was startled to find myself agreeing with a statement made by an EDL guy – regarding some Muslims living in the same country, but refusing to interact with the rest of society.

Self-imposed Apartheid – the idea that people could choose to adopt this unnatural manner of living and view it as a good thing is nothing short of insane and akin to the Afrikaner churches that preached Apartheid. This was not a good day.

Fortunately for my spiralling out of control depression, Stacey seeks answers in a sane and sensible, normal and humane manner. I was grateful for that, and after ranting about 0.003% of the city’s Muslim population, empty vessels and the proverbial clanging they achieve, I sat back and realised that as long as there are people like Stacey Dooley in the world, there is hope.